Videocon Mobile : Mobile phones from Videocon indeed have offered a hearty satisfaction to their customers. The brands have managed to create a niche example of top rated quality in numerous consumer families over the time within a year. Nowadays these handsets are counted among leading providers of outstanding wireless phone services. Cell phones from Videocon operate on advanced wireless technology and help users to remain connected with their loved ones even from hundreds of miles. They are ahead with the most technologically advanced mobile phone according to the requirements of customers.

Videocon V1435 : Videocon V1435 is a decent for any music enthusiasts who love to listen to the music via the loudspeakers of the phone rather than using the headset. The integrated FM radio within the device is also of good quality which features a Telescopic FM Antenna. The phone comes with a 2GB memory card in the package and it’s expendable up to 4GB through microSD card. The phonebook and sms inbox is big having 1000 entries for phone numbers and 1000 sms inbox capacity. Videocon V1435 Price in India is Rs.2945.

Videocon V1435 reviews.


1. Operates on Dual SIM card frequencies.
2. Inbuilt MP3 Player.
3. Inbuilt Audio Recorder.


1. Only has a VGA camera which takes only mediocre pictures.
2. Limited data connectivity ports.


V1435 is a Dual SIM (GSM+GSM) mobile phone and it is a Dual Standby phone with Extra-large outlets Speaker system for Hi-Fidelity Music. The phone has a high-resolution 2.0″ Color TFT Screen.The phone has many multimedia features which include Wireless FM Radio Cheap Angel Correa Jersey , VGA Camera with Video Recording and Music Player with Dedicated Music Keys. Data Connectivity options include Bluetooth, GPRS and WAP Browser.It also exhibits the pre-bundled 2 GB micro SD Card which can be further expanded upto 4 GB. Other added applications include Laser Pointer, Mobile Tracker and Document Reader.

Caters well all the basic needs with the features offered at affordable prices.

Videocon Mobile Price List in 2011

• Videocon V1425 CRUZ – Rs. 3,100

• Videocon VC1424 Dual mode CDMAGSM+GSM – Rs. 5,000

• Videocon V202 – Rs. 1 Cheap Andre Moreira Jersey ,800

• Videocon V1404 – Rs. 2,000

• Videocon V204 – Rs. 1,360

• Videocon V1305 – Rs. 1,600

• Videocon V1420 – Rs. 2,450

• Videocon V1300 – Rs. 1 Cheap Alessio Cerci Jersey ,850

• Videocon V1422 – Rs. 2,550

• Videocon V200 – Rs. 1,600

• Videocon V1301 – Rs. 2,690

• Videocon V1303 – Rs. 2,790

• Videocon V1302 – Rs. 2 Replica AC Milan Jerseys ,900

• Videocon V1290 – Rs. 1,800

• Videocon V1424 – Rs. 2,800

• Videocon V1602 – Rs. 3,950

• Videocon V1705 – Rs. 5,790

• Videocon V1675 – Rs. 5 Custom AC Milan Jerseys ,800

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