Former U.S. secretary of state Colin Powell) today Powell (exclude the possibility of back into government office Joe Maddon Jersey , he has not yet decided to 2012 election support candidate, but said he still support Obama.

He was in America "CNN" (CNN) of "American national State of the" (Union) program said he believes the Obama's task is still in progress in leadership, tough economic and unemployment must still be trying to solve.

The highly respected, retired general and moderate republicans, who had been in the 2008 presidential election for Obama endorsed, caused a stir.

Powell says, "I thought he had a long way to go, I mean the Obama has not yet reached all goals Anthony Rizzo Jersey , but he has made economic stability", and begins the health care reform. "You know, we choose not superman, we will vote for a human is Obama."

Powell said: "I think Obama to the world, and has shown establish good relationship with the outside world, his efforts to improve the unemployment problem, this is the current major problem facing, I think Cole Hamels Jersey , also hope that this problem will become an annual" Union "(the State of the Union speech) the core issues."

Being a republican, Obama has never because factionalism blindly and or consciously partiality. The highly time concept of American retired generals in the months have been carefully thought on earth will vote in which candidate. In 1996 presidential race, a republican presidential candidate dole plans to invite has just joined republican Powell as their running mate, as republican vice presidential candidate compete for the White House, Powell didn't agree. In the past year, he has been watching the election, when the development trend of the election is not very satisfactory, he always in various speeches and TV and other media interview for some Suggestions about and warned Addison Russell Jersey , but he has a lot of these comments have caused the people seriously enough. But those watching these comments will discover not hard, Powell is actually for thereafter vote for Mr Obama lay the basis. Early in October last year, his voting intention may have changed, but he decided when this year after the argument finally comment, in the important moments backfire.

In the past few weeks, Powell for their own policy attitudes are carefully. He has enough reason to be so cautious. As republicans, Powell once because get party conservatives and liberal double criticism, conservatives see him too gentle Jason Heyward Jersey , is not competent for the bush administration's secretary of state a job; Liberal accuses him in saddam issues exaggerating. Finally, in 2005, Powell was not with dishonesty resign.

Latent already a long time, Powell finally choice at the U.S. national radio and TV station for McCain faction - NBC launch a surprise attack. So let him get a large audience support, 2 will also can let he can not be interrupted in situations smoothly to name their carefully prepared several hours of comment. His comments left deep impression to the person: he believed that barack Obama has better as the captain's preparation, says its committed to build "more diverse, the more inclusive society", can "calm Ben Zobrist Jersey , patience, and wisdom, and steadfast" to deal with the problems facing our country. While McCain side in a great mess.

In comments released to the speech, Powell has not before either party was greeting. Seize opportunity, sudden attack, showed a soldier of pies.
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