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Тема: All about sew in Virgin Indian 3 Bundles hair weave

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    По умолчанию All about sew in Virgin Indian 3 Bundles hair weave

    For many years now weaves have been trendy thanks to the celebrities.

    Even those of us who didn't know much about weaves in the past, wear it occasionally.

    Gone are the days where you had to wear a single style because your hair was either short or just not able to achieve the style.

    Today you can rock any style of your choice and thanks to the manufactures of hair extensions. They are coming up with all the unique styles every so often.

    If you manage to get a good sew in weave you will look your best.
    • What is Sew in Weave?

    Basically, a sew in is a method that you use to attach the hair extension to your head particularly the weaves.

    You achieve this by braiding your natural hair into the cornrow braids. You then use a sew in needle to sew the hair wefts to the braids.

    In the end, you develop a full, lustrous and beautiful look.
    • Why Should I Use A Sew in Weave?

    Like most other women, you will be protecting your hair against environmental hazards.

    Additionally, you keep it from constant styling and combing which then makes it grow fast.

    Furthermore, you still look even better while not wearing your own hair and that's because you can wear different kinds of wigs at different times.

    Weaves come in different colors; you just need to choose your color. With weaves, there's no more subjecting your natural hair to the harsh coloring methods.

    Choose to buy a weave that comes in the color of your choice or color it yourself.

    The other thing that makes it a style to go by is that it will work for anyone and their different textures. Remember to only seek the services of a professional

    All these advantages though are dependent on the installation.

    Unfortunately, if you don't install the hair right, sometimes you can damage it.
    • What Is the Best Hair for Your Sew in Weave?

    Of course, there are a number of hair types that best sew in weave as you will see below. One thing is true though that if you can get the virgin hair, you will enjoy yourself.
    • Virgin Indian 3 Bundles Human Hair

    This is the most popular kind of Indian hair for the sew in style especially because it's loved by black women. Black women also like the sew in virgin Indian 3 bundles hair weave style best. It prides itself of being so full and richly textured.

    It's often thick and soft yet durable. These are all the characteristics you need for a sew in.
    • Malaysian hair weave

    This one is best used by those who have relaxed textured hair and those with fine hair. It's normally silky, soft and lustrous. It's also shiny. It's less frizzy and blends well with even the African American textures for the sew in.

    • Peruvian hair weave

    This is another kind of hair that is first becoming popular in the market. It has a number of textures and fits in most of the hair textures as well. It will blend with your coarse, relaxed and natural hair. It feels light and it's loved by many.

    KNhair Website: https://www.knhair.com/
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