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Member nations also need to take a stronger stand and impose sanctions, denying access to their water ways and arresting those who violate these rules, or other punishments against those nations who attempt to continue whaling for any reason..We the consumer suffer the side effects. Where is the FDA? They ways put in place to protect us from this. But it is hard for them to protect the tax payer when the government sold us out and cut their tax dollar funding and told the FDA to make it up by charging the pharmaceutical companies fees to get approval on new drugs (Prescription Drug User Fee Act)..2) Be a F_ _ _ ing gracious person and cast aside that ego. Start by saying sorry for the things that are not your fault to begin with. It is not wrong to make a mistake as long as we learn from it. Without trust, you are not going to build your book of business. While it may sound like an easy task to market with webinars, it is a task that is much more involved than you might think. 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