Contemporary Sheik Bedroom Designs Family Articles | March 4 Anthony Barr Shirt , 2008
Give your bedroom a middle eastern flair with contemporary bedroom furnitures. Choose modern platform beds and upholstered headboards which exudes and reflects the richness of middle eastern culture. With the right furnitures, you can turn your bedroom into a haven fit for a sheik.

If you are in the market to redecorate your bedroom and are determined to have a contemporary sheik design, you are probably looking at the latest trends in modern beds and décor. You can find many manufacturers locally and online who offer everything you need in terms of furniture and design elements to update your room and have the atmosphere that shows you are with the times.

When it comes to contemporary bedroom furniture, there is one place to start: the bed. Platform beds are the current craze, and you'll find these simple, minimalist design features everywhere you look. Whether your bed is going to be low to the ground or raised up almost like a loft Everson Griffen Shirt , the platform bed is the way to go if you are aiming for a contemporary sheik motif.

Modern platform beds come in all sizes, colors, and heights, but the important thing is that you don't want anything too lavish in design if you want to have a contemporary sheik theme in your bedroom. You want to have stark, sleek lines and sharp angles with little detail and few or no intricacies. You will use this as a backboard and centerpiece for the rest of the room, where you'll have little design and décor pieces. You only want to have the bed as a functional piece that catches the eye as the main piece of furniture Kyle Rudolph Shirt , not the art piece.

Instead, you want to add something that reflects your personality in another part of the design, a different aspect in the room. One suggestion is to do this with upholstered headboards, which can add a personal touch and flavor to the minimalistic design of the space. You can choose an upholstery pattern that reflects who you are and adds flash and pizzazz to the simplistic design.

One more thing that can create a true contemporary sheik design for your room is to add a small indoor bar with contemporary bar stools, building out a corner of your bedroom as a little romantic bar "getaway" space. This can really set your design apart as unique and sheik, also creating an environment in which you can entertain if you so choose. The bar area doesn't have to be extravagant; simply purchase a small counter and two bar stools to complete the space Linval Joseph Shirt , and watch your bedroom transform into a suite.

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