Frame diseases may be without difficulty identified, however diseases of the soul and of the spirit can't be recognized thru any medical manner. For this reason, for someone to be termed healthful, such should keep a relative country of soundness in frame, soul and spirit. Equal and relative functioning of the human frame, soul and spirit in best concord and soundness is the everlasting access to health. Maximum of what's defined as health centres these days are however recuperation centres yet to arrive the overall reputation of a fitness centre. A recovery centre is any centre, be it medical, psychiatric or spiritual centre where the ill and diseased are cater for or Infervour ministered to. Whilst a health centre is a centre of incorporated technological know-how, where profound and prolific perception on the human being (frame, soul and spirit) are communicated and imparted; with a purpose to empower people each of their frame, soul and spirit to forever overcome sicknesses and illnesses. One of these centre have to be a research centre which regularly researches on each instructional, scientific and insightful divine records and intelligence needed for human supremacy over illnesses and sicknesses. Recuperation calls for medication but health calls for an awful lot greater than medication. The finest investment in fitness cognizance is records. I'm now not talking right here of relative wishes and needs. Therefore, when you find a true fitness centre, you will see an area where the whole technology of the person is unveiled, with teachers and doctors who are inter-comprehensive, owning uncommon perception on the full science of human existence and capability. Currently, such centres are non existent. This is the greatest task of the 21st century. The entire world is doted with recovery .