Making a generalization that Kyle Shanahan is basically Mike Shanahan 2.0 isnt a bad assumption. Kyle learned under offensive coordinators that learned under his father Mike afterall. They both run a similar offense and theres that whole generational thing. Rex Ryan was similar to his dad Buddy both in personality and defensive scheme. San Francisco 49ers tight ends coach Jon Embree has worked under both of the Shanahans andwas Matt Maioccos latest guest on the 49ers Insider Podcast. Weve already discussed how Kittle will be with Tony Gonzalez Ronnie Lott Color Rush Jersey , one of Embrees previous players during his time in Atlanta, but theres a lot of good history to go around. Given that Embry has worked under both Mike Shanahan and Kyle, is the one to spot the differences in coaching between the two: And there you have it. Kyle is concerned about the next 10 minutes, Mike is concerned about the next year. The important thing: Both are know how to gash a defense. Ive time-stamped the podcast below. You can listen to it by using the widget above. If it does not appear, you can click here. 00:32 - The Senior Bowl as a player02:36 - What the title of 49ers assistant head coach means04:53 - College coaching vs. Pro Coaching06:08 - How his stint as a head coach at Colorado made him a better coach07:45 - The difficulty in coaching at Colorado08:15 - How Herm Edwards gave him his first coaching shot at the NFL09:39 - Coaching Tony Gonzalez11:03 - George Kittles training with Tony Gonzalez15:07 - Working for Mike Shanahan in Washington16:15 - Mike vs. Kyle Shanahan coaching styles18:03 - Similarities/differences with son Taylor (49ers offensive quality control coach)21:54 - On returning to the head coaching ranks The 49ers have started to become more athletic on defense; now they need to add versatility"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 49ers Salary CapLevis Stadium Events49ers Transactions49ers Injury News49ers Press Conferences & Conference CallsNFL Free AgencySan Francisco 49ers NewsNFL Free AgencyHow the 49ers defense needs to continue to evolve New,416commentsThe 49ers have started to become more athletic on defense; now they need to add versatilityPDTShareTweetShareShareHow the 49ers defense needs to continue to evolve Kyle Terada-USA TODAY SportsSaying the San Francisco 49ers need to add better players on defense goes without saying. The more Im able to get a feel for what the Niners want to do on defense , the more its clear that they need more versatile pieces. Lets use basketball as a reference: Teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and the Oklahoma City Thunder are two of the better defensive teams because they are versatile. Usually four of their five players on the court can guard any position on the floor. Thats what makes them so good. In the NBA, its heavy pick and roll. So you cant be boxed in to guarding one position, or else youll get scored on at will.Sound familiar? My two takeaways from watching the Niners play defense last year is they were slow and one-dimensional. Deforest Buckner can bulldoze your tackle, but also out quick your guard. Thats versatility. There was not a lot of that throughout the defense. Too many secondary players missing tackles. Too many linebackers that couldnt cover. Zero speed coming off the edge. Thats where the team needs to transform. Theyve started to during this free agency, but they have a long ways to go.Finding their stretch 4The equivalent of a big man that can shoot is having a defender on the front seven that can do it all. A guy that can rush the passer, blitz as a linebacker Colin Kaepernick Jersey , play the run, but also cover. Both bring immense value to their respective sports. Think Donta Hightower of the Patriots. What that does for a defense is allow other guys to do what they do best. Its far-fetched to think you can field a defense with 11 defenders like this. Being able to get one in the front seven and one in the secondary should be the goal. Let Kwon Alexander be the run and chase guy that wins with his athleticism. The Niners still have room for a hybrid type player that can do all of those things. Having a player like that also protects you from any injury that happens, as he could slide right in to about any position. On third down: Bosa-DeFo-Collins-Ford. Where do I sign?SolutionA guy like Jamie Collins, who is available, would do wonders for this defense. Collins can come in right away and start at SAM linebacker. If youre not aware of his athleticism, hes 250 pounds Richard Sherman Color Rush Jersey , and he lined up at free safety six times last year. Collins literally lined up at every position last year. He also played over 1,000 snaps. He a very good athlete that didnt have a great finish once the Browns were eliminated. Collins can play. That is the type of player the 49ers should be looking at, whether in the draft or via free agency.Scorers in the secondaryAn elite shooter is great to have. See, Klay Thompson. An elite scorer is how you win rings. See, Steph Curry. Thats how I would differentiate a free safety that is very good at patrolling the middle of the field, but doesnt offer much else. Lets say there are 10 snaps in a game. Of those 10 snaps , that deep free safety might only be called upon to take away a deep route on three of those snaps. If he cant tackle, or help out underneath, whats his true value? Earl Thomas is an obvious outlier that makes a ton of players around the line of scrimmage. Steph can create. That matters. The 49ers need somebody in their secondary that can do a bit of everything. The term/roles free safety and strong safety are outdated. Youre playing the Rams, they motion a WR to the other side of the formation. Guess what? Your free safety that was deep has to come down and line up against him, because youre running a zone coverage. One simple motion completely changes that players responsibility. That happened left and right last year for San Francisco. Guys that were only suited to do one thing found themselves in an unfamiliar position and the results werent good. Whether it was the secondary missing tackles on a running back, or a linebacker getting left in the dust in coverage.Adding athleticism should help mask some of these issues. The team still needs to add versatile good football players. Luckily Mike Person Jersey , the top of the second round should be full of them. A guy like Taylor Rapp would out of Washington would be a great pick:There will be plenty of options at 36 that can do a lot of things at a high level. Its a sweet spot for safety.K.I.S.SSalehs defense is not very complex. Because of that, you need more dudes. When you run a defense that is heavy cover-3, you need players that can make you right, even when you are wrong. Attentive players that can make an impact on defense without you ever knowing it. Sometimes the best play is a stat never recorded. The QB wants to throw to the tight end on third down. He stared down the TE, but hes covered. He now has to throw the ball away. You cant chart that play in targets or grades, but those plays that go ignored in the box score are just as big as a tackle. Which goes back to the original point. You can play this type of defense if you have guys that can switch on the pick and roll. Kam Chancellor. Keanu Neal. Derwin James. All players that impact the middle of the field. Now its the 49ers time to find that difference maker. Once they figure out who that is Patrick Willis Color Rush Jersey , this defense will go to the next level. Especially once theyve added a pass rusher at the top of the draft. If the team is able to add a Collins type player for the front seven, look out. If the team wants to make a playoff run, theyll need to continue to add versatility on defense.