NEW YORK (AP) Chicago Bears defensive end Akiem Hicks has been fined $33 Nick Kwiatkoski Color Rush Jersey ,425 by the NFL for bumping an official in last Sundays win over Tampa Bay.Hicks was not suspended although he was ejected from the Bucs game.Hicks pushed down judge Mike Carr while he was attempting to separate Hicks and Buccaneers guard Ali Marpet after Eddie Jackson intercepted a pass.Falcons safety Brian Poole was fined $26,739 for unnecessary roughness for a helmet-to-helmet hit against Cincinnati running back Mark Walton.Also fined were Chargers defensive ends Melvin Ingram and Darius Philon $20,054 each for roughing the passer against San Francisco; Packers linebacker Blake Martinez13,369 for removing his helmet against Buffalo; Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack (unnecessary roughness) and safety Tashaun Gipson (taunting) $10,026 apiece against the Jets; and Packers cornerback Josh Jackson Prince Amukamara Jersey , $10,026 for unnecessary roughness. One of the most critically important parts of being a part of the Windy City Gridiron family is helping to decide when a nickname officially becomes a thing.Weve had many nicknames over the years, but the truly great ones have all been, by consensus, a thing.Some are just given , there is not need to even consider it, because the players official nicknames are just universal. Sweetness is a thing. Peanut is a thing. Mr. Ridiculous is a thing.Some are unofficial nicknames but they are still, without a doubt, a thing. Smokin Jay is, of course Mitchell Trubisky Color Rush Jersey , a thing. The Mullet is a thing. Not all things are good things. As evidence I give you The Giant Manatee, Gate 68, and Moose Droppings.Weve had some great debates over the years as to whether some people, units or strategies were or were not a thing. One of our great debates was whether the Trestcoast Offense was a thing (it may have been a thing, but it turned out to be a bad thing)Which brings us to todays question.Eddie Jackson is emerging as a superstar in his sophomore season with the Bears Pat O'Donnell Jersey , and hes been hit with two different catchy nicknames, either one of which might end up a thing. The problem is, of course, that we cant have BOTH of them being at thing.So I think its time we throw it out there to you, our fine readership , to determine which of these two nicknames should officially qualify as A WCG Thing. Conversely, if you deem neither worthy of thinghood you can vote no to both.Keep in mine we are all still free to use both of the nicknames freely... but only one of them (at most) can actually be an official thing. So, without further delay, I present you Action Jackson and Fast Eddie.