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Bought these for my 15 year old, he had lost his favorite pair of sleep shorts. These serve the purpose however the legs are not quite as loose as he would like.
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I adored this book-it was all I love about JPS. If you follow the author on Facebook and listen to her cawfeetawk, she often speaks of a guy that was terrible to her. Unfortunately, I could not figure out who this guy was in the book-was it the guy from high school or the Switzerland guy? An entire new book needs to be written about her previous struggles with love. I must say, I was surprised with who she chose.
Interesting storyteller, JPS leads an active life but doesn't forget to spread joy while most likely enjoying every second.
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Item is large on me but just what I wanted since I sleep in these type of shorts. Comfortable and very easy to wash and dry good buy.
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Worked for me in a pinch. I would say these are definitely for the 9 and under crowd but the price is right,.
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