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Erik Rojas Marrero
Really soft and beautiful. Love it!
Klauditha Licanqueo Rivas
I own the large playard sheet and needed smaller ones for my sons portable crib at school. I bought 5 and they are fantastic. Soft, good quality and inexpensive.
Owen Trott
A little heavier then the play but still very good. The music alone makes it worthwhile. The acting is excellent throughout.
Rachel Elizabeth
I bought a large, and I am a normal med/large in sizing, It does fit comfortable.
When you order, If you want a comfort fit' not clingy' order your normal size!
भरत कुमार
A pretty good movie. A little long and slow at the beginning, but the reenactments of the Four Seasons' performances are exceptional! I really liked John Lloyd Young's performance as Frankie Valli. You will be singing along at the end.

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