I tried my hands at buy MaplestoryM Mesos . I actually dreaded getting back on it since I found it mind-numbing. But, I learned a few aspects that I hadn't heard the first time around. The images and colour scheme in the game are far better than I imagined.

The colors match well. The slashing, punching, attacking and all the activity is expressed in a way that is quite exciting. When you throw trash cans and gas tanks, the explosions aren't amazing, but the reactions or enemy characters are quite nice.

When you beat upon enemies such as mushrooms, masked assassins, and evil dogs you are in a position to see them blink and have reactions which provide satisfaction that you are doing something worthwhile. I am still not clear as to what the currency maplestory m mesos sites is true is and what is what. Mesos take eternally obtain. I played the game for a few hours and gained approximately 16K at Mesos. MMOGO sells 1 M for a few bucks.

There are what seems to be diamonds in the game. I am not certain what they're used for or where you are able to use them but you also get them once you beat up on an enemy.I know Mesos can be used to take boat rides and purchase apparel. I have not spent any because I am trying to determine how long it takes to accumulate them without needing to purchase Mesos throughout the site. It seems it's gonna take a super long time for me to get to 1M.

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