I demoed it about the one match most professional streamers and aggressive gaming lovers are turning their teeth into these days: Epic Games' Fortnite.

After playing a few games on the fortnite items show floor and becoming more acclimated to the rear paddles and new side-located"sax" buttons, as they are called, I can declare that the Vantage controller is a badly capable update for players that prefer a gamepad on a conventional MKB setup or XIM adapter. Until we get some more time with a review model after this summer, it's too early to call it a must-buy, but the Vantage felt great to use.

Of course, adding rear paddles to your gaming toolkit -- regardless of what device you're using -- is necessarily going to improve your game no matter what. For any shooter, being able to remap buttons such as jump and reload to the paddles on the rear of the fortnite materials controller free up your thumbs, so they can remain on the thumbsticks.

That gives you a competitive advantage in pretty much any situation. Even if it's only saving you fractions of a second, that extra time and versatility can swing the scales within an intense showdown with another human opponent.