Other would be to reduce down some of the RNG that RuneScape gold oz have, some flooring can take a lot of time as you got poor lucky, to get a place that require a lot of skill to master, obtaining a poor time simply because of that can be quite frustrating, I tought they could make some floors quicker if you've got more pills slots/some condition(ex: at 29f the maximum required crystals would be 6 if you have 4 slots and 5 crystals if you have 5 slots), such as how 2f could just eliminate the 1 cards which end up just screwing over anyone(also in 9f they can make the very last plataforms visible what is the correct one, more pills=more visible up to 3).

Other thing would be to incentivate celebration play, something that may be for any event/quest killing could be a greater count for every cop you kill if you're in a party with 2 or more, therefore every mob you kill count as two rather than 1, so individuals would move together more frequently (only downside is how folks would not go solo as it's slower).

Additionally, I tought how you can enter with all the party at once in some flooring and everybody clear at the same time, making moving with a celebration simpler (I saw at a private server individuals passing trought stages and beying pushed together just like a party pursuit ).They could also change the Oz rings to earn em tradeable with platinum karma/normal karma once equipedthey are untrad as soon as you equip and should you want to sell later make it really frustrating, besides the way they can change some rings to be greater, a few of em are bugged too (which makes it annoying how potentialy good rings are beying wasted).

And is that Dorothy says RSGOLDFAST so what should Oz had flooring 51 ~ ~ 100, she would return? Giving better decorations (like 20att/matt), additional rewards, and you could also begin directely from 51 flooring.A revamp since Oz pay all the stuff you can perform in the sport, so what else, it's not that required could do to fill 50floors? Besides that in KMS is much more popular so I do not know whether they'd like more floors to make the content fresh again, and more rewarding as well(maybe it's already too hard?) .