To get this challenge started, first you'll need a golf club. This is a battle pass just challenge because you can just receive a golf ball toy through the battle pass, and you will have to have hit tier 27 to unlock it. Give that it is week 5 out of 10, if you're committed enough to want to complete this challenge ASAP, I'm guessing you are committed enough to have forced it to grade 27 already. Equip the golf ball such as an emote, then head to Lazy Links.Once you arrive, you will have nine holes to choose from Fortnite materials, and you're going to need 5 of those 9 in order to finish the challenge. Following is a map of the two holes. The base of the arrow will be your teeshirt, and the close of the arrow is the green, so you're able to see where you're aiming.

My advice would be to begin with the holes which are the furthest away from the clubhouse and pool, as that is where everybody will be gearing up. Or conversely, you may be the person that arms themselves to the teeth and then starts golfing, and that means you have some recourse if someone attempts to disrupt your shots, instead of having an empty inventory.

Then you get to golfing. This functions similarly to the basketball challenge, but it's a little more involved considering your target is much further off. The moment you use the toy/emote from your wheel, you wish to be organizing your reticle from the atmosphere over your target, the green. Wherever your reticle is determines how hard you are going to swing your cluband if it's too low, you'll simply put or chip. If it's too high you will never find your ball. I would aim just a tiny bit over every green.

If you land on it, you will actually see a pop-up telling in the feed, and it'll tell you just how far off you are from the trap. Just be thankful this challenge did not stick with the original wording, which demanded five holes . In all my clinic for this guide, I hit the green a group, but never really did get a hole in one.There are carts anywhere, which means you will probably wish to pick an ATK to get from hole to hole quickly. If you want to be really safe if you're doing this solo, then you can build yourself a tiny 1x1 set of partitions on the tee to protect you as you shoot.

This definitely seems like it is going to be one of the more challenging unique challenges of the season, given that it is entirely jammed into a single area of this map, and it takes you to remain there for a lengthy time to get five of these done Materials - Fortnite Wiki. Again, 50v50 is just about the ticket. If there are other, secret holes out there that"count" apart from the golf course , I shall hunt those down and post them here. However, for now, Lazy Links mayhem it is. Good luck.