buy World of Warcraft Gold US With the Warcraft Chronicles Blizzard finally dares to take the final step and erases Me'dan's character from the story. The reasons for this are diverse. For one thing Me'dan was just too strong. Leafing through the comics he looks like a heavily overdrawn superhero which neither demons nor the Old Gods can harm. Mighty servants of the Legion wipe Meryl's pupil aside as easily as the influence of the Old Gods. That makes him powerful as a character but at the same time unsympathetic and boring. Hardly any player wants to identify with a character who can do anything better. Incidentally that was also the reason why Thrall (aka Green Jesus) had to disappear from the game sooner or later. The players were simply annoyed by his character who had lost all his rough edges in the last few years. Besides why would Azeroth need our heroes if Me'dan as the most powerful magician ever could single-handedly take on any villain?

WoW: The crazy ogre-witch Cho'gall played in WoW at most a minor role. The Warcraft Chronicles now place the villain at the center of many important events. Either way Me'dan leaves a gap in the Lore which now fills the exciting story around the crazy Ogre Witch Cho'gall and his sinister masters. Thanks to the chronicles we learn that the Ancient Gods not only created the Eternal Dragonflight and the Emerald Dream but are also responsible for most of the smaller threats such as Stinghorns Leprechauns buy WOW Gold US and Centaurs.

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