buy GTA 5 Money GTA Online the popular multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V has welcomed a whole host of new features this week. From discounts and bonuses to triple rewards and new vehicles to get your hands on: like the Mammoth Avenger available with a 60% discount or the customized Übermacht Zion Classic which is presented as the new prize in Roulette de la Fortune. We offer you all the details below:

"Directing Final Judgment blows from your underground facilities is fine but something is missing," Rockstar tells us. So to remedy this lack he introduces us to the Mammoth Avenger: "a floating gunship fortress with vertical liftoff that is also an experimental laboratory and is dedicatedcheap Grand Theft Auto V Money to generating collateral and lethal damage while flying practically autonomously". Sounds good doesn't it? Well this week we can get it with a 60% discount.

"Throw yourself into the fray with only a parachute and a gun in Motor Wars where teams must battle and fight for survival in a dwindling play area," Rockstar invites us to spend the week this way. The prize that the most daring players will receive will be triple money.

The Jackpot of Fortune Roulette at The Diamond Casino & Resort is the Zion Classic in Ubermacht. It will be available until April 1 with a unique upholstery.

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