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Тема: L've Ever Had In A league In PoE

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    По умолчанию L've Ever Had In A league In PoE

    When I started playing poe after a 2 year break I started in standard during harbinger league, I used about 1000-1500 chaos on zana perandus mode, I never got something good and barely got 10% of what I invested back but it was so cool to see cadibro and expect an amazing item for sell, I dont regret it at all.

    Why is the focus on economy sooo important that we've lost the best aspects of the game, loot, for a more "stable" economy that most casual players see no benefit from. Making it less fun with less loot while the top players get all the loot they need or want. Just like they do every single league because of how much they play.
    Getting wanderlust felt so good, that was the first time I played the game too.

    Chests were difficult so newbie me had trouble with them but when I played during legacy they were super good. Can’t remember what I played though, reave maybe? Was that when bladeflurry came out, b/c I remember switching to that and failing, thus giving up on that char, then they nerfed AOE into the ground right after.

    Perhaps they should mess around with a bind on player poe currency/mechanic for some leagues -- would be interesting to see a mechanic balanced without trading in mind. And that's what leagues are for right, experimentation?

    The point is the rewards/yield aren't balanced around mass trading and flipping. That you can consciously engage in the league mechanic knowing that the only thing you gotta worry about is simply engaging with the mechanic. Just playin the game. And GGG doesn't have to feel overly restrictive/conservative with spawns or that particular drop because it isn't part of a larger exploitable market.

    I'm not necessarily claiming it would be better or worse because I don't know because we've never had anything like it in poe orbs. That's why I think it would be a cool experiment.

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